Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Day of Immersion and Dinner at Sampoorna Haven, Besant Nagar

On the third day of the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, the idols are immersed in the ocean, river or well, whichever is feasible. I was uncomfortable with the idea of praying to the Ganesh idol and throwing Him into the ocean, so I called my trusted help to do the honors. She came by noon to help me clean the house and after one long tiring day, we went over to the beach in the evening. The weather was beautiful but ridiculously crowded and roads flooded with people because of the Velankanni church celebrations. We decided to brave the situation and I managed to squeeze my bike into a parking lot. Armed with our petite clay idol, we walked over to the shoreline. 
While I stood by watching, my help prayed to Him and we bid him adieu. It felt complete. We decided to hang about for a while, but it had started to drizzle. Instead of heading home for dinner, I planned to treat my help to a lovely dinner at the newly opened Sampoorna Haven restaurant. 

Obviously I was excited. I was looking forward to a memorable Sunday evening dinner and head home for a well deserved slumber. We were ushered to our table by the window and that was where it ended. All we ordered was the tomato-basil soup, Arabic mezze platter, and a Spicy Garlic Fried Rice. We had to wait for over 30 minutes to get the soup. The floor manager avoided our table and made no eye contact either. We were hopping mad and wanted to walk out of the place. Right on cue, the soup arrived. The soup was good, but the bread sticks were like a lump of clay. So we ditched it after a bite or two.
The mezze platter should have served along with the soup or shortly after, but it took its one time to make it to the table. The presentation was eye-catchy, it was the taste that shattered my imagination. The babganoush, the tzatsiki and hommous were far from the real version, they reeked of garlic and tasted nothing like what it was supposed to be. The so called pita breads, deep fried and oily made the platter unappealing. This was a death sentence to someone who enjoys and understands Mediterranean cuisine. I strongly recommend removing this platter of the menu or either you learn the recipes well before you publish or serve them! 

We had to send out a couple of reminders before the final menu item was served. It was spicy, nevertheless tasted great. My help enjoyed it while I went home and downed a dose of gelusil. We did not leave a tip given their lousy service and authenticity of their dish. The value for money gets a negative. I certainly would not go back again for another peek at their menu.

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