Monday, September 22, 2014

Mouthwatering Street Food at Ajnabee

I was thrilled when I chanced upon the newly opened chaat shop, Ajnabee at Aryapuram, which is a walking distance from my residence. During my college days, I used to be a regular at their Fountain Plaza shop, which was famous, primarily for its Bhelpuri and followed by other chaat items. Over time, with work and other distractions, I could not make it to my favourite haunt anymore. I always had fond memories of the place and only wished they would open another place closer to home. So many many years later, my wish came true.

When they opened at Aryapuram, I put it on my must-visit and eat list. The chaat house is right next to my cousin's place. That was my best excuse. I hopped over to her place, spent sometime, made a fuzz about cooking dinner for me and went over to Ajnabee for a lovely Bhelpuri and Pani puri plate. 

When you bite into the panipuri, the lovely puffed shape of the puri and its crispness stands out. You notice that they are home made and super fresh. You have 5 puris with the mint and tamarind water mix and the last puri is served dry. It was out of this world. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Finally, I decided to tuck in a plate of Bhelpuri. How can you think of walking away from Ajnabee's signature dish. Each element stood out proudly. The ompudi or bhujia had a lovely crackle to it as did the shape of the puffed rice. It was an surreal experience. I was in heaven. I chatted with the owner merrily who was happy to have such an excited customer, clicking away pictures to post on her blog.

I need to avoid this house of temptation for the next nine days because Navratri starts the day after!

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