Monday, September 22, 2014

Finding Fanny (2014)

With much apprehension, I booked my Saturday afternoon movie for Finding Fanny. The teasers and movie promos were a little over the top, intended to rub in the pun in the title. My soft corner for Naseerudin Shah and Dimple did me in - I had watched their performances in Being Cyrus, directed by Homi Adjania. 

Set in the backdrop of the sleepy village of Pocolim, the story revolves around five quirky characters brought together in their quest for finding Ferdie's love, Fanny. I suppose, the obvious plot was the characters to find themselves through the journey. Ferdie (Naseer) the postman finds a musty moth bitten letter slipped through the door. To his utter dismay, he discovers it was a proposal he had written to Stephanie Fernandes, 46 years ago, which was never delivered. He howls in pain. The young virgin widow, Angie (Deepika) convinces him to go on a road trip to find Fanny. She ropes in Savio (Arjun), her ex-flame who has returned from Bombay to fix Don Pedro's (Pankaj Kapoor) car for the trip. Rosie (Dimple) with her prosthetic butt dons the role of Angie's mother-in-law and doubles up as The Lady of Pocolim. Rosie, her cat along with the lecherous artist join the search. Along the way each character discovers different shades of love. 

The cinema photography was excellent, with each frame more beautiful than the other. The movie itself was predictable and bit of a drag. If the characters had some theatre-like workshop to orient themselves for the movie, it showed visibly. Dimple and Pankaj were a class apart. Deepika Padukone really needs to pay attention to her accent and diction. She never really had a great diction to start with. Most of her movies also carried an artificial trying-too-hard-to-be-an-actor  written all over her. The fact that she is physically well endowed, much prettier than Katrina and Priyanka works in her favour. Her clothes were too fashionable to belong to someone from a sleepy hamlet of Pocolim. Homi obviously wanted to use her frame for the luscious trp's is my guess. Arjun Kapoor looks great, but again needs to work on his lines. Laced with dry humour and innuendos, the movie finally wraps up after 90 minutes. Brownie points for Homie for attempting something brave and new. 

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