Sunday, September 28, 2014

Dinner at Little Italy with Bestie

My best friend and I had not met a long time and we made plans to try and catch-up for dinner. After much planning, we finally settled on a restaurant closer to home, since we both had our respective evening classes, where she was teaching classical music while I was pursuing classical guitar classes. Having finished our respective roles as teacher and student, we were ready for dinner and catching up. 

Surprisingly, our immediate vote was for Little Italy  at Besant Nagar which was a short distance from our respective locations. I was not too sure if this was a great choice after my poor experience at their Nungambakam branch. My friend had already dined there and she assured me that it was quite nice.

I got there on my rusty bike in time. The ambience was nice and inviting, so was their courtesy. While I was waiting for my friend to join me, I flipped though their menu getting thoroughly confused and hungry as well. Finally, she made it and announced she was trying to cut back on weighty issues, so choices were easier. For appetisers, we started with the Zuppa di Broccoli (Broccoli soup), which was served chunky. I was a  little surprised it was no creamy as is the usual consistency, nevertheless enjoyed its freshness. 

For starters, we had the Funghi Alla Trapaneze, which was a plate of lovely glistening mushrooms tossed in olive, garlic and lemon dressing served with warm bread. It was absolutely lovely and perfect for the evening. I am not  a huge mushroom fan, but this one had me completely bowled over. 

For the mains, we split a Al Pesto Genovese, with a choice of penne pasta in my favourite pesto sauce, served warm. I fell in love with the pesto sauce at Wawa, while putting my sandwich together. It was down right delicious. We both like our pasta cooked evenly, so this was just perfect for us. The only downer was the dessert was decapitated and we settled for fresh juice to sweeten our palate.

Overall it was a great dining experience, but the portions were small in comparison to their prices, approx around INR 1500 inclusive of taxes. Their Feedback app was also quite funny. For age groups, it had images of an old man, old woman, young boy and young girl. I thought it was really biased. What about the most happening crowd that fall within the working group? I did make a mention of it to the floor manager including my feedback. My friend was quite amused, while the bewildered floor manager looked on.

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