Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quick Bite at Sangeetha, Adyar

We had to get a lot of outdoor wok done and with a long evening ahead, we decided to hop over to Sangeetha, famous for its vegetarian fare, for dinner. Inspite of being in my neighbourhood for years, I never felt compelled enough to drop by for a bite, until curiosity got the better of me. All with a purpose - I was looking forward to tasting the pesarattu, a moong dhal crepe filled with rava (sooji) upma. I had this delicious Andhra speciality at Idli-DOsa at Sathyam cinemas with my cousin. The ginger chutney that accompanies the crepe is the true hero of the dish. Since then, its been on my mind. 
When I looked through the menu, I was disappointed to find out that Pesarattu is served only on Saturdays. Apparently, the idea was to serve specials each day, to keep the customer base entertained. So we decided to try soups and split a plate of Schezwan noodles. For complimentary bites, everyone was served a plate of fryums. Either they forgot our table or they did not think it necessary. I asked for it on the principal of equality and attention to detail. 
For the real deal, I ordered the vegetarian kebab, which was perfectly done. We had a spicy mint chutney to add moisture and flavour to the dry warm slices.

Since the restuarant is famous for Indian food, and we usually make similar dishes at home, we settled for a slight safe choice. That explains why we split a tomato soup garnished with fried bread. It tasted great. Especially after a long day out, a warm tasty soup can uplift your soul.

For the close, we ordered a plate of spicy noodles. We also let the chef know we did not want a plate of oily noodles, because sometimes, they add a heap of chilly oil to enhance the taste and it gets very heavy and leaves an oily after taste. That said, the plate of hot noodles served with vegetables was delightful. 

On the whole, it was an enjoyable. Service was quick and quantity was good for two. Price was a tad high in comparison to slightly high end restaurants like Cream Centre. The bill for two was approximately INR 350. Sangeetha gets crowded on weekends, so better get their early. If there is anything I would like them to improve upon, it is their cutleries, too plastic. I understand from the point of maintenance, it is easier, but from an appetizing view, it is not so appetizing.

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