Friday, August 29, 2014

Lunch at Burgundy

I was invited by a colleague for lunch before his last working day to celebrate his career move to Dubai. Lunch was at the famed Burgundy's which I had heard of, a million times, but never made it there. The place is supposed to be packed to the hilt on weekends for its wine. I was excited and was looking forward to the luncheon with the group. Finally, I thought I could get my hands on their menu.

For starters, vegetarians had a potato cutlet, a very dry bhel puri and not so fresh pani-puri. I could not understand how one can go wrong with the most simplest and tastiest chat, the bhelpuri. It was dry and had asbolutely no spice to it. My heart sank. The tomato-basil soup was alright. No complaints there. Thankfully.

We started with the salads. The fried brinjals were fantastic as were the okra in curd, followed by well marinated vegetables and fruits. I loved their cheese bake which was delicious. The manchurian in gravy was a knock out as were the roasted spicy cauliflower. The noodles was  a goner. Not sure what the chef forgot.

I just had a piece of bread and cottage cheese and quickly moved to desserts. The dessert section was a huge let down. It was dry and the custard was way to eggy for some of us. We instead settled for strawberry ice-cream, cos vanilla with chocolate sauce was tucked away where we could not see. We had to ask for it to be served! 

We were let down and shocked by the way they had organized the buffet, not to mention the average fare. Price was a no brainer - not much value for money.

So much for the excitement. I was glad this was going to be my first and last trip there.

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