Sunday, July 06, 2014

Sizzlers at Cream Centre and Off to Rescue the Dragon

Sundays are off for my house help. So I sometimes plan a movie or hop over to our cousin's place or just grab a lovely lunch at one of our usual haunts. I was craving for sizzlers for a while and on this particular Sunday, I was  not feeling well and like a cat on the wall, was undecided for most part of the morning. I dragged myself to Art class and when I got back, decided we might as well do the lunch and head over for the afternoon show, How to Train Your Dragon-2 at Express Avenue.

Creams Centre is a usual favourite at home. We had been there on so many occasions with friends and family. Its a 15 minute drive from home and you have valet parking since the restaurant is on the main road.They serve only vegetarian and the menu is a little bit of everything. I sorely miss my hummus with pita bread, which was always my first bite. Their Spring Vegetable soup is well prepared with fresh cottage cheese, shredded cabbage, carrots and spring onions in a light corn flour mix with soya sauce. The sizzler menu is huge hit with the masses. One this particular day, pretty much every table had some sizzle going on. The quantity is good for two. 

The onion ring starters are served in an interesting visual presentation, but we usually avoid it since we make a more rustic version at home. Second in this hot weather, we can the deep fried starter a miss. The American Corn Cheese Balls is another delectable treat, fattening but tasty. Kids usually take to it like a charm. Most of the sizzler menu have taken turns at our table with different luncha and dinner groups - you have the Mexican sizzler, Italian, Chinese and Paneer Shaslik. The Paneer (cottage cheese) version and the Italian are by far our favourites. The Paneer ka Baap, a signature dish and the Crispy Aloo (potato) Tikki sizzler seemed like a recent addition, but I am not sure. Anyways, we went ahead and decided to take on their signature version. 

The service was a little slow eventhough we went early. During the busy hours, if you are lucky, you may find a table by their garden enclosed in glass, which is refreshing. The signature dish did not disappoint. It was simply smacking good. The price for two was INR 600, which was reasonable. 

After wrapping up with a lovely lunch, we headed over to train the dragon. Only it should have been, How to Save Your Dragon-2. The effects were excellent, but the story was like a soppy love story with too many dialogues and just colourful dragons whizzing all over the place. Gerard Butler's voice did make me smile, but lets face it, at the end of it all, I could not wait to get home for a cuppa!

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