Thursday, June 05, 2014

Sizzle at Kobe

While meddling with my blog template and its look and feel,I realised some of my posts were marinating in my drafts folder. This post was written a long time ago when my mom was on one of her long spiritual tours.

On one of those long days, when I was in no mood to cook, my friend and I decided to dine at Kobe's, famous for its sizzlers.

Originally set up in Mumbai, the sizzlers soon made their way to Chennai in Khader Nawaz Khan Road. The ambiance is alright, nothing out of the world. Infact it was way too noisy for my liking. We spent some time hunting for some quiet corner, but we were not lucky that day. To make it even more difficult, there was a wailing baby, which the parents could not pacify. I had ordered a vegetarian sizzler, while my friend had a chicken sizzler. Initially, we had ordered for a lime soda. We sat there wondering why none of the orders had come through, only to be told by the staff that the orders were somehow overlooked. I was really annoyed.

Finally when the sizzlers arrived, I was not really impressed. It was similar in taste to the ones you will get at Tangerine or Creams Centre. However the mash potatoes served as accompaniment for the chicken was to die for. The quantity is one huge pile as you can see. Pricing is the usual. It costs an average of Rs.1000/- for a couple.

It wont hurt to visit the place atleast once.

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tedman said...

How much is Rs.1000/- for a couple in american dollars?