Friday, June 27, 2014

Lunch at Pind, Velachery

We had a team lunch at the Pind in Velachery recently. It was a stone's throw away from work and a few folks told me that the food is delicious. So the decision was easy. Pind in Punjabi means a village or community. The entrance to the restaurant is quite interesting with local references.The lassi (yogurt based drink) was highly recommended and it is supposedly served in bottles as is the local practice in Punjab. 

Reservations were made since we were a large group and it was recommended on their site as best practice. Once we were seated, no service was available for a while. Maybe we should do the reservations for that as well!

We all decided to go for the Patiala thali (plate served with a variety of dishes) since it seemed wholesome, but unfortunately did not include the lassi. The service was terribly slow and it seemed to me they were avoiding us while we were getting starved.

Finally after a long while, the food seemed to trickle in. We were served tomato soup followed by the tandoori paneer, which was to die for. Succulent and well spiced, it was fantastic. This is followed by a greasy fried corn sautéed in soya sauce, which we still ate because we were famished.

The bread basket arrived and the sight was overwhelming with the roti (wheat based) and naan (all purpose flour) stacked and gleaming under the lights. The thali itself looked heavy. There were a lot of paneer  (cottage cheese) based dishes and I could not really enjoy it because they were so rich and makes your stomach feel heavy. You have a choice of plain rice or pulav, and the pulav which was everybody's favourite was the villain of the piece. The spices had our tongues crackling.

So we dived into the dessert, which was the gulab jamun with ice cream that eventually cooled us down.

Overall, good food but poor service. Ambience was interesting, but nothing to die for. The house serves pure vegetarian dishes which is great news for some of us folks.

Parking is an issue since the restaurant is located in a narrow street. Valet service is available if that makes you feel better. 

I think the thali was INR 250 per head which is a tad expensive. I suspect the reason is they won the Zomato Users Choice Award. You can certainly pop in there atleast once and that is how I get to do my reviews.

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