Thursday, June 05, 2014

Lunch at Dynasty, Harrisons

Its no wonder I pile on the pounds and stay slim while living out of my home country. I barely eat out and preferred home cooked meals and long walks. Back in Chennai, I love visiting the Chinese haunt, Dynasty at the Harrison hotel. I had been here for lunch on a number of occasions while attending language classes back during my college days. I loved it.

I went there two years ago and was pleasantly surprised that the hospitality and the quality of the food remained memorable as ever. 

I usually order the sweet corn vegetable soup along with delectable spring rolls with a spicy sauce and wrap it up with their famous pan-fried noodles topped with an assortment of vegetables, served warm.

The dessert is sometimes a crisp noodles served with honey and ice-cream, which is nice. The bill for two was at that time INR 1200 approximately. 

Should plan to get back there sometime soon.

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