Wednesday, June 04, 2014

App Zap

I did not ever imagine I would be app-zapped. The iPhone 4s, a birthday gift from my brother had me completely sold out on their apps. For years, I believed that Android is the way to go and more user friendly. I resisted Apple for a long time even before I used their product until necessity pushed me in that direction. It was destiny.

Facetiming with my nephew was a critical need. Atleast thats how it all started. I had the little one's tshirts printed and sent by speed post along with a personalized calendar from our family trip to Bali. If only I had explored the photo and video apps much before, I could have put together more fun stuff.

For these collages, I used Aviary to treat the photographs and made a collage using Pic Collage.

Other apps I dig are Elevate, a brilliant concept that trains your cognitive skills

A lighter fun app is the Word search, which I always enjoyed playing even as a child

The other usual must haves include VLC player to sync your video downloads and Google Maps to get around.

Watsapp is undeniably huge as a communication tool and if you are a book lover, Flipkart should be there by default; and if you are a traveller, TripAdvisor is reliable for reviews and if you are stumped for a ride, try Uber.

As I discover more, the Aap Zap story will continue to enthral you and you will be crushed senseless (Dave Matthews Band, ring a bell?)


tedman said...

Great report. Whatsapp is great too.

AquaM said...

Thanks Ted, do add your recommendations for apps you prefer and why.