Friday, June 13, 2014

An Evening at the Wharf, Mahabalipuram

One of my favourite quiet evening getaway for a warm dinner by the ocean side would be The Wharf. The restaurant is part of the Radisson Blu, Temple Bay Resort property located at Mahabalipuram. This five star property is usually jam-packed on weekends since it offers a quick one hour drive from the city. 
The Wharf is beach front restaurant and serves continental cuisine. The earlier menu had a restricted palate for the vegetarians, but since my last visit, the file has certainly got thicker. You have seating both closer to the beach as well as inside around the open kitchen. I had some lovely stuffed vegetables marinated in a sauce and spilt a pasta with my friend. For the dessert, I was recommended the crepe with condensed milk and chocolate that left me wanting for more.
My sister-in-law loves this property and wanted to stay here the last time they visited us, but ofcourse too much to do in too little time. I decided to drop in to check rates and keep options available should they decide to plan a similar visit.

This time I settled for a warm roasted bell pepper-tomato soup which was perfectly balanced in acidity, smokiness and spices and along with that I also ordered a plate of chargrilled vegetables, which was equally well made and presented. I skipped the dessert this time for obvious reasons. 
The food and service is absolutely spot on. Evenings are the best time to enjoy the property whilst listening to the sound of ocean. The price is what you pay for good quality food and excellent service.

The only thing you got to do is turn on the music, sit back and enjoy the drive.

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