Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Dabbay and Happy Mother's Day!

My sweet little nephew turned two today. 

I just got off the phone with him and the rest of the clan. He loves the fishes or fisheeees as he likes to call them. So his parents along with grandma took him to Sentosa island to see the big fishes, but not before making a stopover at Mavalli Hot Tiffins for some mouth watering south Indian menu from Udipi.

He cannot pronounce Birthday, so it is Dabbay for him and that''s how he wished me - Happy Dabbayy Athhai!

We had such fun running around, screaming, pinching, story telling and playing when I went over to visit him sometime back. He loves having people around, sooper sharp observation and just loves to play. Before I left, I gifted him a red dune buggy that is battery operated, which he absolutely enjoys. I plan to send him a t-shirt that says Happy Dabbay! I just never got down to it with work and cooking since Mom's spending time with her little darling. 

And to all the Mom's and Mom's to be, Happy Mother's Day!

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