Monday, April 07, 2014

New Year's Dinner (2014) at Tuscana on Chamiers by Willi

I was looking for my LG microwave user manual when I chanced upon a restaurant bill for INR 1687. When I looked up the restaurant's name, it was Tuscana at Chamiers known for its Italian fare. 

After quite a bit of homework, I had decided to go there with a friend to usher in the new year. The exteriors look nice and comfortable and the interiors looked quite sober. I remember that the prices were ridiculous for such a mediocre fare. I think the bill was tagged to the fancy menu. 

We ordered the Fritter Zucchini, which is nothing but cucumber bajji or a snack that is common in Indian households and was oily. Next we had a salad verdure, which was a basic grilled vegetable plate with a dressing. The main course was a Chilli 9 pizza and the dessert, which was the only highlight of the evening was a classic Zucotto, a frozen creamy chocolate sponge cake dessert.

Besides burning a big hole in my pocket and a fancy website that let my imagination soar and sore, I have no other well meaning memories of the place. Well, there was a pretty kid who wanted to come over to our table and play with us. We played hide and seek for a while from our respective seating areas and it was a lot of fun; of course her parents had a hard time keeping her at their table. That as I clearly recall was the only fun part of the evening.

I probably liked a Wawa sandwich with their amazing pesto sauce or a simple aloo patty (hashbrown) at Subway. The parmesan-oregano bread topped with veggies and toasted cheese with hasbrowns was a killer and way lighter on the pocket - INR 116 only!

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