Thursday, April 03, 2014

Copper Chimney Calling for Lunch

An earlier attempt to go to Copper Chimney with my team was aborted due to some emergency that one of my colleagues had to attend, much to everyone's disappointment. Since then we had given up the idea of a team luncheon. The opportunity presented itself months later when one of our senior team members was transitioning to a new role. So we decided to have a send-off luncheon get together. Dhaba Express was one of the choices which was not on top of our list and we finally decided to go over to Copper Chimney, which was a 10 minute car ride from our work place. I was thrilled. We can finally have our closure. What I really loved was the short distance to good food and I did not have to pay. 

The ambience was beautiful. It was airy and the team had made use of the natural light to good use. One of my colleagues also told me that CC employees differently-abled people on a part-time basis to work there. Now that's something very establishment should think about. Since I am a vegetarian, I can only talk about the veggie spread. We started with a lovely warm bowl of tomato soup topped with fried bread crumbs. It was a good start. What caught my attention was the Chaat station and I could not wait to get there. I started with a lovely cold tender cottage cheese-paneer salad, tomato-cucumber slices, and julienne apples and cucumber mix along with a medium sized pepper pappad.  

As I made my way around the vegetarian line, I fell in love with their tandoori vegetables which included baby corn, cauliflower, tomatoes and baby potatoes baked in a lovely aromatic yogurt based spice-mix. I added a dash of coriander-mint chutney and spiced yogurt. It was fantastic. 
Happily, I hopped over to the Chaat section and ordered the Dahi-puri, which are mini-fried puris filled with fresh thick yogurt and spices, topped with savouries and pomegranate. The chaat was flavourful and had just the right spice-levels. A few of us ordered different chaat items and enjoyed it to the hilt.

For the main course, it was a simple menu comprising Naan (Indian bread), dal (lentil), paneer burji (scrambled cottage cheese), jeera rice (cumin based), vegetable gravy dish with corn and mushroom and one more paneer dish. They were all well made dishes and enjoyable. To complete such a heavy lunch in such a humid afternoon, you need to absolutely wrap it up with a scoop of cold curd rice. I was in heaven. Well, almost.

The dessert section also had a limited spread, but I was quite confident that it will be as tasty as their main course. There were gulab jamuns (fried sweet marinated in sugar syrup), orange jelly topped with cream and cherry, fruit salad, vanilla ice-cream, semiya kheer (milk based warm dessert) and small cake pieces.

The dessert was a little bit of a let down. The jamuns were cloyingly sweet even though I had it with a scoop of ice-cream, which is a classic combination. My colleague who tried the jelly did not quite like it because of the overpowering essence of the colour. I do not enjoy jelly based desserts much, so I did not venture in that direction. The cake was dry and not as tasty as it looked. So I dropped it after a small bite. I planned to bite into some warm semiya kheer, which was quote alright. It was served hot and was not too sweet. That helped balance the jamuns sweetness, which was a tad too much.
The service was excellent. It was a well-groomed staff that looked after all their customers. Food was simple and tasty. The buffet price per head in comparison was a little high I thought. Would I recommend Copper Chimney at Ascendas to my friends? Absolutely yes.


tedman said...

I can almost taste the food through your writing. Well done. Look forward to trying this type of food sometime.

AquaM said...

Thanks Teddy. I do miss our restuarant taste-offs in Media. Wud love to land a dream job as a food reviewer.