Monday, March 17, 2014

Women's Day Luncheon at Mainland China and Sigree: GLobal Grill

Off late I have been eating out a lot and it has become a weighty issue. I try to counter it by a 45 minute cycling and taking a course of fruits instead of a meal. I am in two minds to sign up for two marathons given my present day lifestyle. 

Women's Day celebrated on March 8 was happily on a weekend. Though I dont subscribe to such celebratory days, I quite enjoy the attractive offers that come with them. 

I love the fare at Mainland China. It has always been consistent. I was craving for their Hunan Tofu in a spicy sauce for a very long time. The occasion was perfect. Mom also loves Chinese for their light flavourful cuisine. We ordered a clear soup which was unfortunately a not great choice. Instead we dug into the tofu and the vegetarian siu-mai momos for appetizers. Both were fantastic. I was a little let down that my another favourite, the lettuce wrap in water chestnut was not available. 

For the main course, we had our usual pan-fried noodles in soya sauce (you also have a white sauce option, which made no sense to me in a Chinese haunt) heaped up with vegetables. It was fantastic except that it still had a heaviness because of the oil, I think. The pan fried noodles at Wonton, was much better. 

The surprise element in the entire afternoon was the dessert course: Fried Icecreams. My mom had never heard of it and obviously had never tasted it. They served three sizeable pieces fried on the outside with dessicated coconut and drizzled over with honey. It was a perfect score. The team gave us a gift voucher to be availed at any of their signature restaurants worth INR 500. The meal for two was INR 1374 inclusive of all taxes, which was reasonable given their portions, presentation and excellent service.

Monday was another heady celebration of Women's Day at work. The ladies decided to take a chance with the new place Sigree, similar to Barbeque nation that served unlimited grilled starters followed by a north-Indian style buffet. I was quite excited. When we got there, we were ushered to our table and kept waiting for  a good time. The servers were running around like headless chickens and no one really paid any attention to our large group. I was miffed. I could not find the floor manager either and finally got the attention of one of the boys to get things moving. We were served a refreshing lychee lemon soda drink followed by separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian starters on each grill. The paneer grill in mint chutney was fantastic. It was soft and juicy just as it should be. We were also served potato fritters, grilled spicy pineapple and babycorn, which was alright. 
The variety of grilled items served in Barbeque Nation was well thought-out and the spice levels were bang-on. The highlight at lunch in BN was their corn fritters and service was round-the-clock. Of course they did not have much to offer other than a bland buffet. In Sigree, it was just the other way round. The buffet spread had a nice array of breads, rice and gravy dishes. We particularly loved the cheese bake vegetables that was done to perfection. We wrapped up the desserts with Phirni (kheer), date-walnut cake, chocolate truffle, my favourite lemony jalebis and a scoop of ice cream drizzled with nuts and chocolate sauce. What I did not know and neither did my colleague was we were both in a for a surprise. The girls got together and had ordered a lovely fruity birthday cake and left us glowing. It was such a lovely afternoon to remember. Coincidentally, I celebrated my last birthday at Barbeque Nation in a similar fashion and the entire restuarant team also did a birthday dance for me. I can still see myself blushing.

Overall, Sigree really needs to train their team for professionalism in service and work seamlessly. In their feedback form, I rated them average for service and a very concerned manager enquired about my unhappy rating. Hopefully, they will turn things around for the better or it will be such a shame. For now, Barbeque Nation rules!


tedman said...

You are a wonderful restaurant reviewer and have a knack for providing great detail.

AquaM said...

Thank you teddy! Im going bk to Sigree this weekend at a different location! I love doing my reviews and am glad you enjoy them too.