Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cha(a)t at Gangotree and Dessert at Cream N Fudge

Gangotree in known for its famous Indian snacks and savouries. I promise to get the pictures next time. The chaat (savouries) items originated as famous street food in India and with time, became popular among every strata of soceity. Today even in weddings, its quote common to find a mouth-watering over crowded Chaat stall at the dinner venue.

I sometimes go over to Gangotree with friends to bite into some spicy Bhelpuri, Pavi Bhaji and double-decker sandwiches. As far as Bhelpuri goes, I still stand by my Madras Bhelpuri house for their crisp, healthy flavour. My poor friend who had been living on dosas for the last three days badly needed a break. She wanted something light since she was leaving for the US tour in a few days. So we went to Gangotree. We split a plate of lovely pani puri and had a regular plate of pav bhaaji each. She wrapped up dinner, or so I thought with a cup of hot spiced tea. 

As we were preparing to leave, she asks me if we could have ice-cream at Cool Cats or Cream N Fudge. I hesitate. I know I had just started working out recently and was not too sure if I wanted to give in to the temptation, though I must confess I did look through the vast array of London Dairy ice-creams at Nilgiris just the day before. I gave in because I was going to see my friend only after two months when she is back from her tour and heads back again in July. 

So we headed over to Cream N Fudge for a heady taste of 100% Vegetarian ice-creams, meaning they do not contain egg. That was a pleasant surprise because I knew of a friend who only accepted ice-cream treats at Freeze Zone in Alwarpet because they were vegetarian. We asked the guys at the counter for the ice-cream with the lowest calorie count. He was clueless and so were the rest of the team. Maybe we looked like idiots. For godsake, when you are here to have a lovely bowl of fantalicious ice-cream, who the heck gives a damn about anything else? As an alternative, I suggested we could have an ice-cream with more fresh fruits and possibly ease our conscience. I was also completely smitten by the waffle cone dipped in chocolate at the edges. So we ordered a Peach Melba in the smallest bowl served in a waffle-cone. Each bite took us to the next plane. Ignoring the canned peaches that were served, we both ordered two bowls of ice-cream for our moms to enjoy their treat. 

As Heywood Broun rightly quoted,
" I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream"

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