Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Happy New Year!

To all my friends, family and bloggers, here's wishing you all a great year ahead. Happy 2014!

I cant believe how the year has flown past so quickly! I was back from the States after a year long stint, spent the New Year 2013 in Malaysia and headed back to India for a change of scenery. I loved my two-week business trip to NYC for two reasons: one, I explored Lower Manhattan and a volley of eateries by foot, and second, I met my dearest friend Michele after a year, and we dined at the very same restuarant, Ruchi opposite the 9/11 memorial. It was so nostalgic. 

What a year it has been and boy, it has been a good one.

2014 sounds exciting and I felt a great wave of optimism running through me as I was returning from yoga class. The temples were lit up and few people were chanting mantras, while the young blooded ones were zipping in their cars and bikes for parties.

I felt happy and content. Here's to a year of great friendships, happiness, contentment and richness of spirit.


Primitive Lyric said...

You've disappeared!! Obviously you've been busy and well:) Take care and stay in touch!


AquaM said...

Thanks Primitive Lyric. Been doing too many things I think in between trying to resurrect a laptop that had fallen apart and losing my phone, which was possibly ripped to bits in Mint street under an hour after it was stolen!