Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A Few Good Men

After the heart breaking episode of losing my mobile, I was feeling a little let down by people in general. I was wondering what great pleasure would one get out of stealing another's hard earned piece of work? Nevertheless, I knew there was no point mulling over it and moved on. 

The next day morning, when I took out my two-wheeler to finish the day's errands, my bike decided that it was not in a mood to go anywhere. Since my bike battery was dead, I had to kick-start it while pushing up the accelarator at the same time. I must have exhausted myself trying to get the bike moving, but to no avail. During this time, I also fleetingly noticed two fellows on a bike who whizzed past me. I really did not pay much attention since I was engrossed with my stubborn two-wheeler. Feeling helpless and tired, I wanted to call out to my watchman for help, but as usual, he was nowhere to be found! 

Suddenly, the two guys whom I had noticed earlier came back to help the damsel in distress. I was taken by surprise that two strangers would stop by in the morning, leaving aside their work and help me out. Apparently, inspite of the full petrol tank, the problem was with the tube which had collected dust and was obstructing the fuel passage. The guys really had to dirty their hands and suck in the petrol to get the air flowing smoothly again. My bike was up and good in no time. I really felt bad for them going through all this mess for someone who means absolutely nothing to them.

The phone rang and the kind strangers had to rush back to their work. This unexpected act of kindness was the most valuable experience given my recent situation.

These two good men, wherever they may be, god bless their souls!

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