Thursday, December 26, 2013

Just Not My Day!

Just when I had the entire day planned out, everything had to go awry! Thank you Mr Newton. I lost my dear darling mobile phone today because of my absent mindedness. From there, it was just crazy. I was going over to my favourite salon for a haircut and my mom messaged me around that time. She had happily stepped out for an errand, while leaving the lentil mash to burn in the kitchen. I had by chance come home from Art class and by divine grace, averted any major disaster that could have happened. 

Away I went zooming on my loyal Scooty Pep to Kanya in Mylapore. I had my mobile phone in my trouser pocket and when I heard it buzz, I was tempted to check the message while stopping at the traffic light. When the signal changed to green, instead of putting my phone in my pocket, I casually dropped it in the small front pocket of my bike. I was so excited to get a haircut done that I completely forgot about my darling Samsung waiting to be picked up. After an hour, when I wanted to get some number, that's when it hit me, OMG! Of course, it went missing. I tried calling a dozen times, all I could hear were kids screaming in the background and an unkindly human being who refused to help me out. 

After a while, I knew I was not going to get back my phone, so I went over to my service provider and had my SIM blocked. I also decided to lodge a police complaint in person, but I was told by my friends that I also needed insurance for my phone to pursue the complaint in addition to other formalities. Thankfully, I had the IMEI number and I lodged a police complaint online. However, it does not guarantee anything. Just that it ensures no criminal activities can be pursued using my phone by unsavoury characters. Further, I had also registered my phone online. So I was temporarily able to control my phone using remote functions.

Here are a few important tips for other careless folks like me:
1. Always carry your mobile phone in your hand bag or your shirt/trouser pocket
2. Immediately block the SIM by calling your service provider.
3. Ensure your phone is insured. It makes a huge difference in such situations.
4. Keep you original bill safe along with the IMEI number. Also, register your IMEI number.
5. Install a tracking app on your android phone or register with tracking services who will be of huge help.
6. Register your phone with the mobile provider online.
7. Always keep a phone backup copy on your laptop, so atleast you have the numbers.
8. Change all the passwords to your key accounts.

Last but not the least, you will not have to go through this entire ordeal if you had that little extra care that your mobile phone needs to be looked after. 

All I could do was go to the temple and pray for divine intervention.


tedman said...

Sorry to hear of your lost phone. Were you able to save the lentil dish? Maybe it's time for an Iphone. Happy Holidays

AquaM said...

Lovely to hear from you. Happy holidays to you too! Yeah, we managed to salvage the dish somehow :), but my phone is a different story!