Sunday, December 29, 2013

Frozen (2013)

Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson's Snow Queen, Frozen, an animated Disney musical is the story of how true love triumphs in the end. I decided to surprise my mom with a movie evening to usher in the new year. She loves animated movies and I absolutely enjoy them as much for their creative larger than life portrayals. I also ordered her favourite snack, the bhelpuri instead of the usual pop corn for a different experience.

Frozen starts off on a slow pace with way too many songs, which did irritate me a bit, but the adventurous journey when Anna, the younger princess 
sets off to find Elsa, sister and queen of the kingdom of Arendelle, throws the movie into a different world. Elsa has natural magical powers, where everything she touches turns to ice. So she is forced to wear gloves to protect those around her. When the sisters lose their parents in a storm, the kingdom decides to make Elsa, the queen of Arendelle. During the coronation, Elsa's powers come to light and is accused of being a sorcerer. She panics and her agitated state of mind triggers an eternal winter in the kingdom. Elsa runs way to the mountains and lives in an ice castle all by herself. Not the one to give up, Anna sets off to the mountains hoping to bring back Elsa and summer in Arendelle. Along the way, she meets Christof and his hilarious, lovable reindeer Sven and not to forget, the little snow man, that the sisters had built during their childhood days. What follows is a story of deceit and discovery of true love.

The design work and composition is superb. The mountain of snow, the ice crystals and the snow man leave you spellbound. As with any animated classic, the move carries subtle undercurrents and core themes. The winter can be devastatingly beautiful or leave you feeling lonely. I personally love the first fall of snow. It reminds me of a blanket of vanilla ice-cream. I enjoyed some amazing winters in Canada. 

Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, Frozen is a movie worth watching if you love creativity and animated classics with its quotient of humor, love, loss and life stories.

Photographs Source: Wikipedia and Imdb

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