Sunday, November 03, 2013

Fruit Shop on Besant Nagar

My little darling nephew R was in town. I am meeting him after a year. He has lost those lovely baby curls and baby fat. He was a cute bonny baby. Now, he is all baby talk, tall for a 1 1/2 yr old and full of mischief.
My brother had to meet some of his school friends and Fruit Shop was an old familiar hang out. Its a perfect place for a late evening catch-up. R was brimming with energy at 10:00 PM and my SIL wanted a breath of fresh air as well. So I drove my family over to Fruit Shop on Greams Road (that's the original title, since the first shop was set up on Greams Road).
We set out for ice creams, but my bro and I decided fresh fruit juice would be more desirable. I ordered a Kabul pomegranate juice, while my bro ordered a syrupy banana shake for VK, my SIL had a strawberry shake. I loved my order the best. It was not too sweet inspite of being sugarless and was light for the night.

My nephew's favourite were the fishes in the aquarium. He was blowing away kisses and waving to them. The fishes were oblivious to their admirer and went about their usual business of swimming in their riveting suits.
After a while, we girls decided to call it a day while the boys stayed behind for a late night chat. The plan was to have my nephew in the car for a drive, hoping he would fall asleep. But we all know, nothing goes as planned.
They poor couple hit the sack at 1.00 AM.


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