Saturday, August 24, 2013

Faithful Mickey Moo

Mickey Moo is my neighbour at Art's class. I saw him on a couple of occasions sitting outside watching me quietly. I loved his color and I knew Labradors, cannot be anything else, but just lovable. I feed my street dog Caesar with biscuits whenever I see him, so I always carry a small pack on weekends when we are more likely to bump into each other. Similarly, I wanted to treat my choco brown Labrador to a treat and waited for the right opportunity.

I chanced upon the owner of the house feeding her daughter and decided to strike up a conversation. I made polite enquiries and praised their choco Lab to the skies. She told me his name is Mickey and was a confirmed glutton. So I could happily give him biscuits and he could greedily devour them. I call him Mickey Moo. He is absolutely gentle and loving; just that he loves the biscuits more. The moment he hears my voice booming across the fence, he would come running and sniff my bag, just when I was thinking, he missed me!

I miss him sorely on the weekends that I don't see him and have to bring back his treat with me. If he is in a playful mood, we would run from one of the fence to the other before I vanished over the flight of stairs towards my Art class. Sometimes, I would peep out from the stairway to catch a glimpse of Mickey Moo staring in my direction, looking longingly at the disappearing biscuits. On some occasions, I have to tell him strictly to sit down and be more gentlemanly while grabbing the biscuits from my fingers. It was on one of those moments that I snapped this sweet little picture of my choco Lab.
He has the most endearing eyes that can make your heart melt in seconds. I have always admired and deeply respected their unflinching love and faithfulness they show for just a small act of kindness. 

I cannot wait to have my own Lab or a Boxer one day. I will probably name then Al or Charlie or Smokey, I guess. I have always dreamed about that moment when I can play with my dogs by the beach or sit on the terrace and enjoy their company. Austin, my companion from Philadephia gave me such wonderful memories. I bathed him, took him for walks, got him treats and played with him. Not a day goes by when I don't think of him.

They are God's greatest creations. 

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