Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Key

I absolutely love my art classes on weekends. Rather than love, I think it is  soul satisfaction. For that one hour that I spend with myself, my subject, that's all I can think about. Occasionally, I chat up with the little ones who also paint vivid colors and let their imagination fly. 

Sundays are a little special, because I catch up with one of my favourite young artists' Sam, an electronics engineer in the making, who is coming up with his solo this year end. His friend, Ram, studying architecture in the same college is naturally talented. They hold you in awe of their works. Some things in life is a hand of God. Sam is known for his detailed work and our peer, Vikram Verghese is twice as detailed in portraying his subjects. Each artist has their own style and interpretation, which is interesting to observe.

I love working on wet on wet techniques in watercolors, while doing detailed work in sketches. For a change, my teacher suggested I try my hand with line drawingsIt was my first brush with this technique and the final outcome was mind blowing (seen in the image - I think the artist's name who composed the original was Rane and this a village scene from Maharashtra). In a way, that is also life. You need to atleast give a few new things a try and it may just be what you are looking for, even though you never went looking for it.

Some days are just plain dog days and then you have some unforgettable moments when you least expect it. Its quite funny when you look at it. You just have to find that anchor that holds you together. I have absolutely found it in Art, and guitar.

Ever wondered what's yours?


Garuda yali said...

wish I continued my sketching. some time with time some interests change but the feelings to continue remain

AquaM said...

Never too late to go after your interests :)..its mind over matter