Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dinner at Crimson Chakra

It was that time of the year when your best friend is in town and surprisingly, so are you. We decided to catch up over dinner with another common friend, D. The plan for the weekend was to have dinner on Saturday night and then catch a movie on Sunday afternoon. Dinner again had to be a place close to home 'cos my best friend Bharu was jet lagged and dozed off by 9.00pm every day. Dinner also had to be only a place that served good soups and salad, which took me by surprise because we usually go all out over food. Nevertheless since both of us were on the other side of the weighing scale, I decided it was great idea after all.

After much speculation and research, we decided to head to Crimson Chakra in Gandhinagar,Adyar on Saturday night and then get through to Ranjhana on Monday evening. 

We loved the ambiance by the pool rather than the indoor setup, which appeared a little gloomy. While I settled for a lovely Tortilla soup, the other two decided to split a cream soup. My soup was served warm, topped with lovely crisp tortilla strips with well balanced spices and vegetables. I was not too impressed by the cream soup, which was bland and thick for my palate. 

For the main course, Bharu and I split an interesting choice of Yogurt dipped grilled vegetables, served cold. Divya warned us against it, nevertheless we went ahead with our choice and actually loved it. We polished off the plate like piranhas. Divya decided to have Appam and stew, which I am not a huge fan of. The stew somehow leaves me a little nauseous.

I had to have a dessert eventhough the intention was to go easy on the calories. So I settled for a lovely coconut mousse, which originally used to be served in a coconut shell; but I was not lucky. The dessert was served in its usual glass bowl. Divya and I split the dessert and the calories, while B enjoyed every bite of the gulab jamun all by herself, eventhough I reminded her that one gulab jamun has 300 calories. 

The bill for three of us was approximately INR 1500 bucks, which was a little expensive given that we shared some of the courses. However, Crimson Chakra rated high on taste and food proportions, which was very satisfactory. Service was a little ill-timed, but not to be fretted about. 

We were happy at the end of it all. That's all that matters!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. Soufflé is always served in bowl only the tender coconut mousse is in its shell try next time

AquaM said...

Yep, you are abs right..oversight on my part. made the updates:)