Thursday, March 21, 2013

Delicious Surprise at Bellario

My friend and I decided to go to Amma Naana, opposite the Park Sheraton to do some shopping and also drive through the Boat Club Road and grab some street food from the main road, which was famous in that area. We had a plate of Vadai (lentil fritter) in sundal gravy (different lentil gravy) and split a Molagai Bajji (chilli fritter) with chutney. The vadai was sooper crisp and undoubtedly tasty. On the whole, it was a clean light fare and the bill for two main courses and a starter was INR 38. 

Then I decided I needed something sweet for my palate. My friend took me to Bellario right next to the Park Sheraton. He promised me that this small outlet tucked away on this busy main road serves an out of the world lip-smacking, fresh, mind-blowing ice-cream right in front of you. He warned me the first scoop will make me swoon. I decided he was just being a drama queen.

We settled for the classic fig and honey, no additional toppings, the usual white sugar and   skimmed milk. The boys blended the fig, honey, a little sugar and milk and made a coarse crepe like consistency batter and applied it over the high freezing pan. As it slowly kept freezing, the boys kept scraping it and made layers of it continuously and patted it into a thick ball of creamy, delicious scoops of fig & honey. 

I was in 11th heaven. They even had vegetarian ice-creams as well as customized versions to suit the adventurous souls. 

Words cannot do justice to that indescribable feeling of tasting this simple, tasty, fresh classic fare. You will only keep coming back for more and more!

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Garuda yali said...

I had a small virtual trip in madras after many years through your post. Seems some new names had popped up in Chennai which I am unaware.