Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lunch at Icarus Again

Tired and completely sapped, a late lunch beckoned us in the hot afternoon. We had decided early on that we will stick to Icarus for lunch. This is the second time we were heading out there for some fresh, tasty Punjabi food. The place has been done up a bit and looked inviting. A traffic sign with the left turn symbol directed us into Icarus. The interiors also looked a lot better and well lit. 

During our previous visit, we missed out on the sarson ka saag, which is a gravy made from mustard leaves. So this time, I made sure I ordered that first up, along with some fabulous Makki Ki Roti (Indian flat bread made with maize) - this is the recommended combo, and I added a tall glass of cold, well beaten buttermilk. The Makki ki rotis(s) were crisp, phenomenally tasty and the sarson ka saag heightened the experience. Mind you, this deceptive piece of bread is easy to bite into; but once the bread settles in your stomach, you will feel a lot fuller than you expected. Last,we also ordered a dry Bhindi Fry (Ladysfinger fry) to go with the phulkas. The bhindi fry was a little spicy, but that did not stop us from wiping the plate clean to the last bhindi.

To wrap up the lunch, we ordered half a bowl of cold kheer, which was made with just the right level of sweetness and tasted perfect on the palate. The almond garnish could have been roasted and shaved a little to give it that crunch. On the whole, it was a very tasty fare. 

Prices seem to escalated a bit. The bill for two of us for 2 makki ki rotis, sarson ka saag, Bhindi fry, 3 rotis, kheer, buttermilk and a jal-jeera came up to INR 550 approximately.  Service was excellent and there's no second guessing about the quality and quantity of food served. 

On the whole, I was happy I finally made it to Icarus, once again  ---- Annadhata Sukhi Bhava! (May the giver of food be happy)

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