Saturday, December 15, 2012

Lunch with Mom at Chin-Chin

Bharu's sister Ramz promised us ages ago that she will take us out for lunch at the famed Chinese restaurant, Chin Chin at Residency. I was told the buffet is fantastic and the price even more reasonable. The plan never materialized. Nevertheless, the idea was firmly planted in my head. I had missed my mom's 60th birthday and to add to that, we both made our own new year plans. 

I decided to celebrate both occasions by taking her out to lunch at Chin Chin and then shop for some comfortable kurtas for her new year holiday. Unfortunately for us, Chin Chin did not serve buffets on weekends, nevertheless we decided to settle for the a la carte. My mom and I loved the ambiance. The floor was well lit, not too dark or bright and the table arrangements were perfect. A major bonus was the absence of a crowd on a weekend, so we had the entire restaurant to ourselves. Complimentary bites served included a bowl of spicy papaya bites and a bowl of steamed vegetables with a dip. We loved the latter, but the spice in the papaya was not palatable and completely put us off. Wonder what prompted the chef to come up with such an idea. 

For starters, we went with the Thai spring rolls and steamed wontons. Both of them were fantastic. The rolls were crisp with an interesting filling which looked like glass noodles and was beautifully complemented by the chilly garlic dip. The steamed wontons were beautifully presented with three pockets comprising different fillings. It was a tad bland, but the spicy dip balanced the blandness with ease.

Chin Chin had a simple, innovative soup which we both loved. The Coriander soup was heavenly. It was made from a thick  broth which still looked like a clear soup garnished with finely chopped coriander. We garnished with salt, pepper and chilli vinegar for the extra zing. The soup was light and terribly tasty because of its simplicity. 

I was only let down that the starters did not accompany the soup. The combination would have been unbeatable. For the main course, we had already ordered the pan fried noodles, so that we need not wait later for the entree, but we were in for a long wait and I was getting fidgety.

Finally, the pan fried noodles with a medley of veggies made its way to our table. It was warm, served at the right temperature, oily, but terribly delicious. The pan fried noodles I had had earlier at Wang's was a slightly different version. The noodles was given with a corn starch base and left on the pan longer for the crispy finish and sprinkled with a lovely array of vegetables. Nevertheless, mom and I enjoyed the main course to the hilt. 

The bill for two excluding desserts came to a cool 1000 bucks. Reasonable I would say for a five star establishment. The portions served were excellent for two people and rated high on flavour. If the server had paid a little attention to our table and ensured that the entree was served on time, that would have heightened our experience.

At the end, the main purpose was served - my mom loved every bite and every moment of her time at Chin Chin and it was one task less on my to-do list. 

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