Saturday, December 22, 2012

India's Indifference to its Women: Where Rapists Rule!

Delhi, apart from being India's Capital also holds the ominous title of being the country's rape capital. The incidents are many and it has been long established that women are unsafe there. Recently, the United States has also issued a similar warning for foreign nationals travelling into the country. 

The numerous stories of women abuse in Delhi will make you shiver. The Government has remained indifferent to the plight of women and so has the public until the  recent gang rape of a young woman in a moving bus through Delhi's streets, which was the final straw. The woman was raped by six men, one of whom, the key accused is also referred to as Mental and is remorseless. A few of them have been nabbed and taken into custody with their heads covered. It is ironic that such animals are shielded while petty thieves who get caught on regional channels are shown in chains on camera, when it should be the other way round. The youngest in the group, who is a minor committed the worst crime by shoving an iron rod into the hapless girl. He is being treated as a juvenile. Instead, for his bestiality  he should be treated as an adult, and must be publicly flogged and hanged.

The police who are expected to protect the weak and oppressed are corrupt and only after a violent public protest which has spread throughout the country, have the corrupt cops been suspended. Infact, one senior police office went as far to state that this was only a stray incident! Would he have the guts to make this public statement if it were to happen to his own family members? The victim in question is battling a serious infection, as a result of which, her entire intestine had to be removed. Now she is dead.

The poor girl was lying naked for over two hours along with her friend on the highway. No one cared - neither the passers-by nor the cops.

The entire ruling government should be suspended for their corrupt practices and failure to protect its people. Inspite of proof that the ex President, current Prime Minister and key head of the Congress have looted the country for their personal interests, nothing has been done to remove them from power. How can we expect a selfish self centered government to take care of the interests of its people?

There are no stringent laws that prevent rapists from performing their heinous crimes again. A three year old girl was drugged and raped by a 35 yr old man in one of Delhi's play schools. It is disgusting. The government should implement capital punishment for such criminals and for first timers, chemical castration will be a living death and hopefully, the final chapter to their sinful ways. As such a universally held chauvinistic belief is that a man who cannot perform (an arousal) ceases to be a man and chemical castration will ensure he dies of shame. Public flogging will also help. Wonder what hope we have when the police have failed to act on time, instead harmed the investigation. Do we get justice when the protectors themselves are the criminals?

Sunita Krishnan, founder of Prajwala, who was gang raped when she was a teenager was beaten to death and raped by 8 men who felt she was spreading ideas which went against their male dominance in the village. She is deaf in one ear, but that has not stopped Sunita from transforming into a voice of courage and hope for millions of women who have been raped, forced into prostitution and sex slavery. Prajwala, the organisation Sunita has founded, rescues women from sex slavery and shelters HIV infected women.  Her blog exposes the vulnerability and crimes committed against women and children day in and day out in our country.

The current generation is more vocal and accepting of victims and their rehabilitation into a normal life. However, predominantly, women and their families suffer a huge price in society because of its double standard views. The woman is considered a dishonor and her life becomes a living hell and she suffers severe psychological repercussions. 

In the absence of a progressive society and Laws that ensure offenders are severely punished, women should take adequate care not to travel alone or travel late or wait for public transportation where it is not populated. Women should carry pepper sprays and also enroll themselves in self defense programs.  We need to sensitize society and ensure victims get adequate support to function normally.  Community watch groups will also keep criminals at bay and suspicious characters should be photographed and reported immediately. Police stations should share a central database of pedophiles and sex offenders and keep the community posted.

Unless the Law and Society go hand in hand, there is no hope for the victims other than crying hoarse for justice.

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