Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama-Romney Foreign Policy Debate - Round 3

I fell asleep listening to both men debate questions thrown at them  by the moderator. However, I managed to hear them speak during the initial round of questions. 

Obama was even more disappointing this time. I thought after the first two rounds, he would have worked on his professionalism. On the contrary, he launched into a criticism of Romney and behaved like a peeved candidate rather than as a Commander-in-chief of a country. I guess Romney decided to give the President a dose of his own medicine and corrected Obama that attacking him is not the agenda. I think Obama uses his body language to the best of his abilities and tries to sound authoritative, creating a larger than life image. However, if you look into Obama's speech, there is pretty much no substance. That's where Romney loses out. 

Romney really needs to work on his body language and his voice. While Obama uses his hands to convey expressions and gestures, Romney had his hands locked and rested on the table, giving a very stiff demeanor  almost pointing out to his viewers that the debate on foreign policy may not be his strongest area. However, he had memorized the facts and rattled them off, but still he understandably lacked the hands-on experience that Obama used to his advantage and not surprisingly, pointed it out as well. So I will not criticize Romney for something he possibly could not do much about, but talk about the subject and demonstrate his understanding of the impact of foreign policy decisions. Infact it was ironic that Obama spoke about protecting his people as key while he allowed four Americans including an Ambassador to die the worst possible death in Libya.

This was a seriously boring debate with Romney agreeing to a lot of decisions with the President, while pressing the need for coming together and making allies with the rest of the troubled middle east. Obama, of course put me off with his unnecessary acidic remarks. For once, I hoped the candidates would have a debate on policy making and visions for the future and not dilute it to a frivolous finger-pointing exercise. Brownie points to Romney and a penalty for Obama on that count.

Snoring away through the rest of the session seemed the best option.

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