Thursday, October 11, 2012

Drunk On Clapton

I have been drunk on Eric Clapton's music all day long. His husky voice and fantastic guitar work courses through my veins distracting me from the monotony of the day. 

Have you heard Bell Bottom Blues and Over the Rainbow

Father's Eyes is a fantastic piece as well. The lyrics will tear your heart. Clapton talks about looking into his father's eyes whom he had never known and the loss of his son whom he will never see. He did find out about his father much later, but it was through his son's eyes, Eric also comes close to seeing his own father.

Bell Bottom Blues was inspired by his lady love, Patty Boyd's request for a pair of bell bottom jeans on his visit to the United States.

Circus (Left Town) is a tribute to his son Connor. They spend the last night at the Circus. Left Town, which is part of the song title, is a metaphor for the loss of his son.

Love in its different forms evokes such strong emotions within us; you could fall in love with the idea of love itself. 

Eric's voice takes that feeling to great heights. Listen to him with the lyrics and you will agree, hands down. His life fraught with tragedies ironically also inspired an unforgettable body of work.

He is undoubtedly one of the greatest guitarists of all times.

Why could not he be playing at Madison Square? I would have been there in a jiffy. 

Eric, are you there?

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