Friday, September 07, 2012


I smile the most. I think most people do, even if they don't express themselves. Just the thought of a two day break from the monotony of early Mondays cruising through Fridays is like a visit to the spa. 

I have already made a mental list of the chores to complete for this weekend. It's good to be home after a long weekend of home made food, lots of sleep and fun with my two pretty nieces. 

I am taking Austin to the vet tomorrow to get him checked out, then head home for some much needed cleaning and grocery shopping at an Indian store. I got the bad news that my parcel from India was destroyed at New York customs following some packaging issues with the goods. I hope to switch to soups and salads for dinner starting tomorrow following the aftermath of rapid weight gain over the holiday season last week.

Sunday, I may just soak myself in warm oil and run a hot water bath, cool off with a Grisham I just picked up at Dallas airport for company and maybe, maybe go for a 30 minute walk in the evening and catch up with my family over long phone calls. Ever since I moved to my cozy accommodation, I have completely missed out on the gym and feel bloated now. I hope to address these pressing concerns before I head home in November, after a year away from mom and her kitchen.

Home is always a great place to be and that is where the heart remains until you wither away.

Photograph: Copyright protected. Taken by AquaM

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