Thursday, September 13, 2012

Does Anyone Care?

The bombing of the American Consulate in Libya and the killing of the American Ambassador and his associates is tragic. I felt so bad for those individuals trapped among mindless monsters, who went on a rampage for a video that was created by someone else and who did not have to face the brutality of their actions. Some one else paid the price for it. I wonder what was racing through their mind in those last moments. Christopher Steven's body was dragged through the streets and assaulted by a crazed mob. 

Barack Obama's handling of the issue was even more heart wrenching. He was still campaigning and insensitive as he was, classified such a huge loss as just "a rough day" and went on to ask for support and funding for his reelection. Even worse, his supporters were chanting his reelection slogan in the background. 

I was appalled. I felt they were worse than the protesters for lacking any sensitivity for the country's huge loss and bereaving families. 

Mitt Romney while criticizing his opponent had a tough time fielding off the media and pretty much had a blank look.

I was shocked to read that the former has garnered a slight margin in support of the hope he is trying to reestablish to turn the economy around.

I wonder if something of such a nature should affect one's own, would we still react the way he did?  It makes me question why the Ambassador was not provided enough protection for managing such a volatile country. Does it matter now if security has been stepped up after all the damage is done? 

Even back in India, the war against terrorists at the Taj led to a loss of talented policemen who were not given adequate safety gear and some of them were even criticized as being outdated. Some knew they may not come back once they enter the building. 

Further, lack of safety standards and corruption has led to mass loss of lives like the Sivakasi firework and the Kumabkonam fire tragedy where parents lost their children due to a poorly constructed school building. The Ministers offer their statement of condolences and immediately offer an amount as compensation to the victim's families. Nothing changes. A couple of fast unto deaths will give the hungry media some pictures for the day. 

A few days later, everything is forgotten. Normalcy is restored - same standards, higher corruption and cover-ups. The channels get their ratings. They move on greedy for the next story to tear up.

I am reminded of Govind Nihalani's art movie, Hazar Chaurasi Ki Maa (Mother of Corpse No. 1084where the mother asks if her son is reduced to a number when she goes to collect his body. It was a poignant tale of a mother who loses a Naxalite son because of his ideologies. When she has to bear the terrible task of identifying and collecting his body, she questions if her son has been reduced to a number, was he not a human being with feelings, did he not mean something to some?

It makes me wonder: Does anyone care?

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Jay Talkin' said...

Well, you care and its much appreciated! Need to have such voices heard. I think everyone has come across experiences of unnatural deaths caused due to sheer negligence, apathy, hate or plain insanity. Sometimes its things like these which make us wonder whether we are all on perennial holiday!

I gave my 2 minutes to all those faceless names today. Thanks for making me feel like a human being again for those minutes...away from the robotic existence of everyday office life. Thanks for making me feel like a whole load of shit too. Thanks so much for giving me such a big complex. RIP !!