Thursday, August 16, 2012

Midnight Hoagies at Wawa

I had promised Manish and Archana that I would go with them to a general business presentation. They were more American in their ways after having lived here for 5 years. I was yet to catch up. While they finish their dinner by 6.00pm, I probably start cooking by 7.00pm and wind up dinner service by 8.00pm. When I called them to find out about dinner plans prior to driving out, they asked me to quickly grab a bite since the presentation was expected to go well into the night.

It certainly was an interesting get together. I met a lot of desi crowd from different streams who were actively into Amway products. My hosts invited me to stay on for a final presentation to an elite circle of wannabes in this business, by which time it was 11.00pm and by the time we wrapped up, I was starving. A sweet chocolate cupcake from Dhruv helped me through the last leg of the meeting. It was sweeter because his 2 yr old, the very pretty Diya had picked out the calorific sweetmeats for us. 

On the way back, almost close to midnight, my hosts were hungry themselves and decided to head to Wawa for some hoagies. I never knew Wawa, the coffee shop had hoagies like Subway. It was my first time. Manish and Archana assured me that Wawa was superior. 

Building your hoagie is more like Subway, but instead of human resources, you use the touch screen for a host of options starting with the kind of bread you want, to the different sauces and host of toppings to make it irresistible. You can also choose the size of the hoagie and have it toasted should you prefer that. I love toasted stuffed bread any day, any time of the year. 

My choice of bread was whole wheat, cheese is usually Pepper Jack, toasted, with spinach, onions, cucumbers, pickles, tomatoes, roasted bell pepper, topped with creamy pesto, ketchup and a little oil. You can make your choices and complete the payment. The lady at the salad bar, completes your order within no time and you are out on your way in less than 10 minutes. The entire operation takes one person to make the order and another to place the order - there is no human chain involved. How cool is that! 

I bit into my hoagie skeptically, not sure if it was any different from the Subway I usually dig into, but I was in for a huge surprise. It was absolutely one of the best subs I have ever had. A fresh delicious product, very juicy and absolutely mouth watering. 

We all dug into our subs, relishing every bite as we moved  noiselessly into an early dawn.

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