Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Goodbye My Sweet Poldy

Poldy was like a son and to me, a dear friend.  I still remember when I met Baaj after a good couple of years, he told me he had two daughters and a son. I had met the toddlers (the girls) a few years back, but the son was a surprise package until Baaj showed me Poldy's photograph. How can you let go off your own family member without a fight, without giving him every chance he possibly had?

I was dreading this moment for a while now. As much as I did not want to hear him suffer, it was just agonizing to let him go. For a while now, Poldy had not been keeping well. I had been telling Baaj to end his suffering and not prolong it with medication. He was sinking yesterday and we knew his time was up. 

One last chance, kept saying B. When I called this morning to check on Poldy, I was told he was let go. Poldy died in Baaj's arms. He waited for Rashmi to get there from work.   Such was his tenacity and abiding love for her. The moment he sensed her footsteps at the door, his little tail wagged for a few seconds and he was ready to let go. The entire family was there when he passed away. He lies buried in Baaj's garden with a bed of flowers planted over his grave.

I will forever miss his gentle, loving eyes, a soft demeanor that made him so endearing to the world. I had wanted Baaj to bring Poldy home to show him to mom. I was planning to do that this November after I got home, but now I cannot even say goodbye. 

I feel cheated. 

I still remember how Poldy came running to the door when I dropped in to visit him. He loved being brushed and just sat near my legs quietly, enjoying the attention. The house will never be the same. 

It is a very sad day.

Rest in peace, gentle one.

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