Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cut Roses from Krishnagiri

I had forgot about a couple of posts which were in their draft stages. I had created the drafts with just their title sans the content. I guess I was trying to pen down my ideas incase I forget them. I did not anticipate that I would outdo myself by completely forgetting about the drafts.

While browsing through the posts, I came across one of the many draft versions about the cut roses from the Krishnagiri farm which belongs to my friend's close friend. I believe if you should stand on top of the hill, you can literally see a valley of roses. He grows many different colours as well. I could already see the Valley of Flowers in my mind's eye.

Along with the Koble vade and kara bun, on the drive back to Chennai from Bangalore, my friend picked up two to three bunches of these lovely delicate darlings. The roses were also of a superior quality - lovely delicate green stems with a beautiful hint of pink and red tinged roses and we had them all over the house! It was such a beautiful sight to behold.

The roses stayed fresh for almost 10 days, I think. Atleast they outlived their regular city blooms by a week. I lived in a state of high for days until the effect wore off and I was forced to throw away the wilting roses.

I plan to order a fresh bunch once I am home for the holidays and relive the moment all over again.

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