Monday, July 23, 2012

The Road to Freedom (Hopefully)

After a weekend of studying for my Learner's License test, I still felt unprepared. My roomie and I were planning to go the DMV office in downtown, the following weekend, to take the test. Our colleagues who had already been through the grind assured us that it will be a cakewalk. We just had to run through the questions given in the manual and get 15 questions right out of a  possible 18. We also had the option to skip questions when we were unsure of our response. 

When we got there, the test centre had a sprinkling of hopefuls; for a moment we wondered if we were where we were supposed to be. The previous visit to collect the application form on a weekday was a harrowing experience. It reminded me of our long wait at the government offices to pay our bills or file our concerns. 

I submitted my documents and was asked to go over to the Test area to complete my Learner's License exam. I almost did well until I erred on two questions and my final question was the the tie-breaker. I froze. I prayed a million times before I hit the Submit button. A huge sense of relief, possibly like the tsunami flooded my body. " have scored 83%".

My roomie unfortunately couldn't take the test since her visa extension was still in process. You need a minimum of six months valid visa to be eligible for driving here. She certainly was disappointed, but soon tided over it through retail therapy. We hung about at the Market East Gallery and quickly wiped down a delicious Veg Pattie sub, before rushing to catch our train home. We were also expecting two other girls, one from India and another from Virginia to move in to one of the apartment blocks were we currently reside. The four of us met and had a short, fun get-together with plans to roam around during the Fall. 

In due course, I hope I can finish a few orientation classes and get my driving license, step on the gas, on the road to freedom for the short while I am here.

Ofcourse, we know, not always everything works according to plans; but hope, yes we can and we must.

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