Sunday, July 08, 2012

My Summer Hair Cut

The summer was getting to me and the heat scorching my skin. I was ready to go for a summer hair cut. After a week long research for reputed salons with good customer review, reasonable prices and easy accessibility, I finally knew where I wanted to head out. 
My friend also wanted to join me and get a chance to redo her hairstyle as well. So we headed out in the scorching sun to catch our Chester transportation bus and got to our salon in under 5 minutes. I was introduced to Chrissy, my hair stylist. I already knew the haircut I was looking for and showed Chrissy my earlier haircut that Kalpana, my hair stylist from Chennai had created. Though Chrissy did not get the exact look I wanted, nevertheless she did a great job and gave me a light breezy cut, which was perfect for the summer. 

It is always a nerve racking affair to trust your haircut with stylists you have never worked with, but sometimes the risk is thrilling, the end result, very satisfying. No matter how much I promise myself to have long gorgeous tresses, I end up chopping it to shoulder length. 

After pampering ourselves, we headed out to Springfield Mall and checked out most of the shops and finally settled on a Chinese lunch. My mixed vegetables with fried tofu over Lo Mein (noodles) was done to perfection. It was made fresh, hot and spicy, just the way I loved it. We headed home with aching feet and settled on a scoop of vanilla-chocolate ice cream to cool off.

Not minding the heat, it was a fabulous day out.

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