Thursday, June 28, 2012

Woman to Woman

It is disgusting to see how down and dirty some Indians living in the United States can be. You lose any touch of humanness and everything is accounted against monetary value. Accepted, that the economics of working abroad beats the standards back home, but at what cost?

Recently, one of my colleagues who had taken an apartment on a shared basis decided to move out. When she informed her room mate, the young lady got wild since she stood to lose money on short notice. This was a mistake on my colleague's part. I also found out that she was overcharging the rent and security deposit to my colleague, when I had by chance, called the rental office to find myself a new apartment. 

The incident took a nasty turn with a lot of verbal and minor physical abuse by the lease owner. My colleague called me in desperation and I had directed her to call 911 for emergency. I then requested my neighbor to accompany me to the girl's house. By the time we got there, the cops had everything sorted out and the owner was asked to make the differential payment of USD 140 to my colleague. We had to help her pack her belongings to the new apartment, for which, she had thankfully got the keys on time.

From one woman to another, why would you take advantage of another girl who comes from the same country as you. My colleague's hands were trembling when I met her. Is it worth putting another human being through all this cruelty? Was it not easier to just hand over the money or negotiate a win-win which could have brooked well for both parties?

The cops tell me this is a regular scene where gullible people get themselves into messy situations over money. 

For starters, always check with friends and colleagues who have already been here and understand the system, before you hop on your own adventure.


det-res said...

Are you sure this is limited to Indians? Why are Indians living abroad getting a bad rep because of one person?

AquaM said...

I have been interacting and living with the desi group quite extensively and I can assure you that most of them think in dollar terms. I am not sure whether this is limited to Indians alone, so I cannot comment outside this boundary.

I am only making a point about how love for money overshadows your basic humanness for another being.

' ppl go...OMG, it costs 4 usd which is 4* 55 = blah blah and so on'

Anonymous said...

I just missed a catfight

AquaM said...