Thursday, June 28, 2012

Secretariat (2010)

A Walt Disney production, Secretariat is an inspiring movie based on true life story of the unbeatable thoroughbred race horse who goes on to win the Triple Crown in 1973 after 25 years.

The winning team of Penny Chenery (Diane Lane), a housewife with no knowledge of horse racing, but only a single minded devotion to rescuing her dad's Meadows Stable in Virginia, veteran trainer Lucien Laurin (the superbly talented John Malkovich), care taker Elizabeth Hamm (Margo Martindale), thoroughbred racehorse breeder Arthur B Hancock (Fred Thompson) and Hall of Fame race horse jockey Ron Turcotte (Otto Thorwarth, a real life jockey himself), bring to life the journey of a magnificent racehorse and its gutsy owner who take on a male dominated business staking family ties and money.

A Walt Disney production undoubtedly leaves you with a feel-good touch. It also captures the limits to which a horse is pushed during training season. It seems such a shame to see them slave so much on the track. 

Horses are such beautiful magnificent creatures who run with unbridled freedom and epitomize the joy of life. 

This is was the last sketch I had worked on before I left for the States and one of my favorites too among many others that I had practiced in class. 
Intelligent and perceptive, I could go on describing them forever. 

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