Monday, June 18, 2012

On Paitence

I wish I had a large measure of it. 

In my early twenties, when I came to Canada not knowing a single soul, I lived in a house with five other Canadians on student funds. We were carefree, absolutely accepting of everyone irrespective of any imperfections we may have brought along with us. Bills were equally split and paid up on time. 

No fuss. No issues. Life was good.

Much later, when I came down to the United States on work, I find it so much harder to accommodate one girl from my own country with a whole lot of financial baggage strapped to the equation. So many questions, adjustments, and so many ways to cut corners. Sometimes you are penny wise and pound foolish. 

You become more territorial; identify with specific people; spaces; dos and dont-dos; a lifestyle which you want to keep up with;

I am earning now; but the joy of going out with friends for a meal with a meagre CDN10 was a different era. None of us thought much of it. We all pooled in and multiplied the good times.

Growing up is not fun sometimes. My guess is Calvin will agree.

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