Tuesday, May 01, 2012

In Love with Korean Soaps

Off late, I have been smitten by Korean soaps on hulu. The obsession was of course accidental, but came at the cost of my cooking and daily conversations with my roomie,  which, has since become quite non-existent. 

Whilst browsing for some of my favorite American programs , most of which I had already exhausted (The Practice, Castle, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, The Client List, The Ghost Whisperer to name a few) and having found none, I decided to give The Great Merchant, a Korean historical drama based on true life story of Jeju's greatest lady merchant, a chance.  I had to literally tear myself away from my laptop to get a good night's rest before sulking off to work the next morning. While it did drag in between, the overall finish towards the last couple of episodes were excellent. There was some learning as well. 

My current love is Baker King Kim Tak Gu, a contemporary soap, loosely based on the true story of the bakery chain, Paris Baguette's President. The President's role played by the famous Korean actor, Juan Kwang Ryul makes it even more irresistible, in addition to the delicious breads that are baked in so many episodes. It gives you a sneak peak into the baking industry and the commitment and principle involved in baking food for the people. 

I have also picked up some Korean words now and have a good time amusing my room mate with my new vocabulary. It would be great to learn the language, and even better to travel to Seoul. The drama is packed with suspense, love, family secrets and betrayals that makes it interesting, and not surprisingly, a highly rated small screen drama. 

I fell in love with Korean soaps because it is mostly the eyes, tone, and tenor that deliver sans any exaggerated body language. The background theme score is also perfect. 

Korean dramas are highly popular and is also believed to have improved relations with Japan and tourism between the two countries. The popularity of Korean dramas are also high in Philippines and in the USA, where there are Korean communities. Now Indian communities are also picking up, I think!

My next love could be Winter Sonata, if it is available. In between I also watch my favorite culinary shows like Chopped, Top Chef and Iron Chef

Sri is still not sure what possessed me to go into hiding with my laptop to watch these shows. I am trying to get disciplined about my TV time and hopefully not compromise my usual routine at home. Last two weeks, I cooked like there was no tomorrow, now I'm watching Baker King Kim Tag Gu with the same fervor. 

I guess its a phase. Until the next obsession strikes me, Korean drama shall rule.

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