Monday, September 19, 2011

Surprise for Mom

I decided to do up Mom's room, while she was away on a two week long Kailash yatra. She had been complaining that her room was not cozy enough and definitely needed a makeover. So I decided to give her the surprise of a lifetime. I had already made a list of things I would need for the room and went about in an organized fashion.

I went furniture hunting to some of the famous landmarks and finally wound up in a store that dealt with antique furniture, all thanks to my resourceful friend, Chops. I got an awesome deal on the cots. In the meanwhile, I had also asked my friend, who was travelling from Pondicherry to pick up some lovely table lamps. I got some colorful and light cylindrical pieces, which were a neat fit for the room.

The two week deadline I had, to complete this mammoth project, completely consumed my every being. I ate at my aunt's house and picked up dinner from a small food stall in Thiruvanmiyur that made good rotis, dal, and subzi. In between all this, I also had to meet my work commitments.

The highlight of the room was the gallery I did for mom. I chose some photographs of Nature, including the close up of Ganesha from Hassan, and the Bayon from Cambodia, which she would love waking up to in the morning. The photographs were blown up and mounted on a black frame. I then designed the layout and then instructed the carpenter to follow the design accordingly. He did a fabulous job.

I also framed the Egyptian parchment souvenir, a gift from my brother, mounted it on the wall above the bed. Below this, I added two slabs of glass in parallel, where the music system now sits, and on the other, her favorite things.

My mom's flight was delayed by an hour and she came home only by 2 PM, by which time, I was lost in a deep slumber. When I woke up in the morning, I was greeted to a shrill, "I love your surprise" tune from my mom and aunt, who had also accompanied her on this trip. I wanted to hold this surprise from my bro and SIL who are visiting us next month, but my mom's excitement got the better of her and I finally sent pictures of the room to the couple. They loved it.

It was one of the best surprises I had pulled off and I cannot, but help grin, every time I step in to the room.

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