Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Perfect Cup of Freshly Brewed Filter Coffee

It is not as easy at it looks. To get the perfect filter coffee, you must have the proportions right. Most importantly, your dicoction must be well brewed and strong. I love strong coffee.

It is a beautiful art and no one does it better than my mom. I love waking up to her cup of freshly brewed, hot filter coffee, made strong, and inviting, with a hint of dicoction on top.

To complete this perfect picture, you must hope and pray that the newspaper guy has delivered The Hindu. This is a lethal combination, I tell you. Maybe it is more relevant to folks who have been in Chennai all their life. The Hindu is a traditional newspaper that is featured in most households, though now the Times of India is vying for this coveted position in our homes.

The only other coffeemaker who makes the best coffee is Mani, the household name in our office kitchen. He remembers each individual's preference and makes it exactly the way they like it. For me, it has always been, Mani, oru strong coffee and he does it with a smile. My eyes start sparkling the moment I see the thick, black, aromatic coffee dicoction poured into my cup, over which milk is filled. He then proceeds to perform the great art of pouring this from one cup to another until it gets a lovely froth like a beer and serves it just at the right temperature.

Every time mom goes out of town and I am forced to make a coffee for myself, it comes out badly. That is the one act I do not like performing. Either, the coffee is not at the right temperature, or coffee powder is not good, so the dicoction does not come out great, or I make it too milky. I need mom or someone to make my cuppa. It always amazes me how most south Indian restaurants get it right. In restaurants, I enjoy a mini coffee. It is absolutely delicious, served in a small tumbler, it reminds me of tequila shots!

But when you have the perfect cuppa in your hand, with the morning sunlight streaming in through your windows, reading The Hindu in the solitude of the morning, it is a brand new day, everyday.

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