Friday, August 12, 2011

Dinner at The Raintree

Bharu messaged me a few days back to check if I could join her and her friend Divya for lunch or dinner, whichever was convenient for me. I decided to join them for dinner, because we can have an unhurried conversation and savor the meal rather than rushing in and out of the restaurant for lunch and heading back to work. The work front has been hectic and I did not want to risk missing any project deadlines. At the sametime, a good break with friends was also what I badly needed. 

I was stressed out and wanted to pamper myself. So I decided to get a good haircut and then head out for dinner. My haircut was alright, did not turn out the way I had imagined it to be. I was worried the stylist cut it a wee bit short, but my colleagues loved the cut.
Bharu picked us up both later that evening and we drove to the Rainbow with a lot of expectation. Divya and I had a little snacky at home, but Bharu was coming straight after classes and was sooper famished. 

From what I have observed, the traditional welcome is reserved for tourists from other countries. However, the staff decided to make us feel at home and kept saying Vanakkam at different entry points to the restaurant till we reached our table. I chose a nice cozy table by the glass window tucked in a corner, so we can have our peace. Bharu is a strict musician and does not touch alcohol. Divya decided to have a cooler and I had my favourite Bailey’s Irish Cream after a long time. Each sip was so wonderful and I savored every moment of it with my good friends. We moved on to a nice spinach based soup served with an assortment of breads. The soup was certainly appetizing, light, and tasty.
For the main course, we decided to attack the buffet. The spread was limited, but good. I had a little cheese and cold pasta for bites. Then we ordered an assortment of rotis and naaans, which we paired with dal makhani and a wonderful warm malai kofta. It was one of the best koftas I have had in a while. I also loved their Thayir Vadai, which was well marinated in , soft, juicy, and was just perfect. The pulav was also something to reckon with. Surprisingly, their curd rice was not up to the mark. They also had the potato basket, but I love the version served at Adyar Ananda Bhavan, where they serve a delicious chat in a potato nest. It is filling and absolutely mouth watering.

Next came our favorite part of the show, the Desserts! We loved the beetroot halwa and ate it with a contained gusto. Bharu loved the caramel custard, but I avoided it because of its egginess. We shared a chocolate cake and decided to try some ice-creams, which was a surprise package. We ordered fig and honey, and what we got was nothing close to it. The ice cream had a strong flavor of paneer roses and we asked the server to replace our order with a dollop of butterscotch. Somehow, we were not really satisfied with the ice creams and decided to call it a wrap. 

In between all this, we also made a movie plan for Zindagi Nahi Milegi Dubara. Divya and Bharu love Hrithik, and I am crazy about Farhan Aktar. Divya also planned to rope in her sister while Bharu wanted to check with her sister and her sister’s friends if they wanted to tag along. Those guys had been rooting for the movie as well. Divya and I also proposed to have a baking plan over the long weekend and invite Bharu and Dhanya over for sampling the bakes. The bill was a whooping 1000/- buks per head, which I felt was too expensive, given the limited fare. Nevertheless, the menu was well done and the service was excellent.

I had such a hilarious time with the two of them. It was exactly what I needed. The next day, Divya confirms that she has booked tickets for the four of us including her sister. I am all geared up for the move and terribly excited about seeing Farhan Aktar on screen again!

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