Friday, July 08, 2011

Surprise Dinner at Eden, Besant Nagar

Straight from work, I headed to the Anantha Padbanabaswamy temple at Adyar to meet my mom. We had given for the vadai malai for Anjaneyar at 6.00pm, and to meet the timeline, we both came to the temple from our respective location. Meanwhile, Bharu called to let me know that her aunts had come and I could drop in to visit them. They were leaving later that evening and I was not sure if I could visit them on time.

The temple visit quickly finished and once I dropped my mom home, I packed some vadais as prasadam and walked it to her house. On the way, Bharu calls to let me know that they were all planning to go for a drive and wanted to find out if I could join them. I was obviously game. One of her aunts had recently lost her husband under tragic circumstances. So both the sisters (aunts) had come to spend a few days at Bharu's mom's place for a change of scenery. I was also looking forward to seeing them after such a long time.

Meanwhile, Rum also got back from work. Sundari chiti decided that since I was also there, the entire family should go out for dinner just to get together. We had initially decided on Murugan Idly shop since the aunts were comfortable only with tiffin in the night.

Rum and I decided that we could ride her bike, while the rest of the brood can come by car. The beach was crowded on a weekday! We all chatted for almost an hour and as dinner bells rang in our stomach, we quickly decided to go to Eden since the original venue was crowded.

Thankfully, we got a table for six or it would have been a long wait like the others, by which time, all of us would have swooned. For starters, Bharu and I had the tomato soup, which required a little pepper. The rest except Rum had sweet corn soup. The group’s favourite Rumali Rotis were not available, so we ordered the tasty Peshawari Naan and Tandoori Roti. This was accompanied by Aloo Hariyali, which is steamed aloo with kasuri methi, kadai vegetables, and paneer tikka masala. The highlight of the evening that the entire brood was waiting for were the sundaes. Bharu and I shared a vanilla ice cream with butterscotch sauce, while the rest had Coffee Caramel.

The food was excellent, but it was the ice cream that stole the limelight. Butterscotch is an all time favourite for the two of us and we made sure we cleaned up the ice-cream to the last drop. Service was a little slow because of the heavy stream of people, but otherwise, Eden is a great vegetarian family hangout. We have been there with both our families a good couple of times and we have always enjoyed the quality of food that is served. The restaurant is famous for its veg bakes, though my favourite is the Tandoori Shaslik and Tandoori salad. Its smoky, mildly spicy, and terribly tasty.

If you are at the beach and looking for a good vegetarian eat out, then Eden is the place for you, provided you get a table. Weekends are unruly, so get there ahead should you decide to drop-in.

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