Friday, July 01, 2011

Lunch at Idly-Dosa, Sathyam

I am having my dreaded tooth extraction this evening. My wisdom tooth did not erupt properly, causing an infection, and leaving me in pain. I have been having a nightmare since the procedure is difficult, trying, and takes an hour and a half to complete.

To cheer myself up and my cousin sister, we decided to go to Idli-Dosa, an eatery at Sathyam Cinemas. I had been there on an earlier occasion with a few of my team mates and fell in love with the Pesarattu. I was longing to there for a while now and try my favourite item again. When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to make the most of it.

My cousin was really of no help when it came to ordering in moderation. She constantly tempted me to try something or the other.

We started with a crispy vadai each. The oil does not stick to your fingers when you hold it. This is a good sign that the oil and the ingredients are fresh. They serve about three varieties of fresh ground chutneys – tomato, coriander, and coconut chutney, and a cup of sāmbhar. For the main course, I ordered the pesarattu, a famous Andhra dish made from moong dal. This dosai is stuffed with upma and served with a fabulous ginger chutney. It is the chutney that takes the pesarattu to new heights. I also decided to have a cold glass of buttermilk to beat the heat. My cousin had a dosai special - a ghee roast, which tasted like plain dosai to me.

I wanted to try a dessert just to complete the course. My sister recommended the kaasi halwa, which was mind-blowing. It was served hot, garnished with raisins, and had just the right level of sweetness to it. I was almost stoned I guess by the time we decided to get back to work.

Idly-Dosa is just a stone’s throw away from my place of work, which is a constant temptation. The menu presentation is neat and table service is commendable. You are given a fixed menu with the prices marked. You can select the items you want in the checkbox and place your order. The black and white décor with an open kitchen gives it a tasteful feel. The prices are not too steep and averages around Rs. 260/- for two people.

This is a nice haunt once in a while. However as a south Indian, I probably may not drop in too often, given that most menu items are made at home. Remember, no matter what anyone says, there is absolutely nothing in the world to beat the taste of a good home cooked meal.

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