Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Kids Downstairs

I love them so much, the kids downstairs - miss their screams, questions, and their voices echoing from the window right below my bedroom.

My mom and I were so disappointed when Vids told us she is moving out with the kids to another place. I kept whining for a long time about how tough it is going to be in their absence. 

Vids and I leave for work at almost the same time in the morning. So on most days, on my way out, I drop in to see her and the youngest one, spend a couple of minutes and head out for work. Later, we traveled together in Vids car since we took the same route and her office was a stone's throw away from mine. We have spent a lot of time together during the week or the weekend, chatting up, cooking, or just hanging out with the little ones. Most often the kid's cousins also joined us. It was one very loud house. It is such a pleasure to be with children and I love kids. I had conducted a games workshop for children a couple of years back, and it was such a big hit with them.

I call up Vidu once in a while and also chat up with the children. Every time I hear their voices, my heart just makes me want to take a bus and get there. Before they went away, I had planned a small surprise for them. I had taken my camera in the morning and took some random close up shots. I chose the best one of each kid and had it framed. The kids loved it and so did everyone in their family. The youngest one in return, gave me a bag of her favourite Hippo chips. I treasure that moment so much. 

Mom and I also took the kids and Vids to Creams Centre for dinner. I love the place. It is perfect for families, food is good, and the prices are reasonable. Both the girls love cheese and macaroni. So for starters, they had the American corn cheese balls, while mom and I had our favourite spring soup. For the main course, the little ones dug into a plate of macaroni magic, which was oozing with white sauce, Vids settled for a falafel since she had to clean up the kids macaroni plate, while mom and I shared a Tandoori sizzler. The dessert was the highlight of the evening for my babies - a sizzling brownie! Mom and I shared our favourite scoop of sundae, and the rest with the brownie. The visual display was down right amazing as was the dessert. 

Vids and I had been planning to do a movie for ages and it seemed like the right occasion to make it happen. We wanted to do X-Men: First Class, but the first time the plan was initiated, her team wanted to join in as well and the show never took off. The next day afternoon, she called me to say that she had booked tickets for the show that night and her friend would be joining us as well. We had to pick him up from Raintree. Since he had a bit to drink and Vids wanted to finish her dinner ahead of the movie, I drove them both to the theater. We had such fun. I laughed my head off, because I had grown out of such movies, but I will certainly do them for fun anytime.

Overall, we had a memorable time even though at the end of it all, I was a bit upset. I miss the children so much, but call them once in a while to catch up on all the fun.   

Children are the living messages we send to a time we will not see.  
~Neil Postman, The Disappearance of Childhood (introduction), 1982

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