Friday, July 01, 2011

End of a Nightmare

Ever since my dentist broke the news to me that I needed an tooth extraction, I had been having nightmares and kept procrastinating the event. My toothache got the better of me and I had to rush to the clinic to get a check-up.

My wisdom tooth had erupted in the wrong position and was affecting my gums. The dentist I visited during my childhood gave me some traumatic memories of tooth extractions. So after almost two decades, when I was faced with a tooth extraction, it made me nervous and scared.

The entire clinic including my dentist seemed to have a lot of fun at my expense. I have been a long time patient at the clinic and the staff and I know each other very well. The receptionist conned me saying that the procedure was complex and takes well over an hour. Then it was my dentist's turn to con me. He told me my tooth of broken and since the infection was spread between the wisdom tooth and the one next to it, he had no choice but to pull out both. He strategically tells me all this after the area in my mouth is anesthetized and I could not respond. It was expected to be complicated.

My heart sunk and I thought I was going to bawl my lungs out. Once I was anesthetized, he then used some tool to apply pressure and I could hear some sort of a cracking noise. I must have looked pale, when the dentist said, 'its all done'.

I was jumping for joy. The injection was painless and the extraction was amazingly smooth. I did not, even for a moment feel any pain. I remembered his assistant's words just before my dentist came in, The doctor is so skilful that you will not feel any pain and it will be over and done within five minutes. At that time, I thought she was saying all this to make me feel better, but now I knew, she was stating the truth.

My mom was terribly impressed with his skill. I will let him know that when I go back for my check-up tomorrow evening.

Thank you doc!

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