Monday, July 18, 2011

Bitten by the Baking Bug

I have been bitten by the baking bug. 
I spend my spare time trying out recipes and blogging them. When I look up fellow bloggers who have been baking for a while now, it really inspires you to go out and try your hand at bringing to life, some of their creations. Moreover I am also hooked to Top Chef on Zee Cafe, which plays from 9pm -10pm IST and then another Chef series on AXN hosted by Padma Lakshmy. I fell in love with MasterChef Australia and dying to catch season 3 from August 2, 2011. I can go on forver about Masterchef Australia and the teh team of three who beautifuly handle the show. It is well conceived and the standards are high. 
I have tried my hand at making focaccia bread, panacotta, baked vegetable rolls in a pastry sheet, a regular cake, and baked vegetables. Most of the recipes turned out just great, atleast my friends devoured the samples I had made.
I also try and give my mom a hand in the kitchen and learn some of the recipes hands-on. I am going over to my friend's house the coming weekend to bake a plum cake. She has been baking for a long time and offered to give me a lesson in the basics of baking such as the cut and fold method, which I was clueless about. I run all the ingredients in a mixie to get a smooth consistency. While my cake turned out just fine, it is apparently not the right way to prepare the batter. In addition to making the cake, I also plan to surprise my friend Bharu and her sister over lunch when they get there. Of course, they are clueless about all these preparations and my planned presence in their friend's kitchen.
In the meanwhile, I hope to try my hand at a basic sponge cake this week. Preparing desserts is all about getting the proportions right and knowing how to balance the flavours. You learn this by trial and error. For me, it has been such a stress buster and a fun experience. I love the aroma of the bake when it floods the house with all these amazing flavours you have added to your recipe. You cannot help, but post a contented smile, of satisfaction and great joy.
Photograph: Copyrighted to AquaM

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